Tuesday, January 25, 2011



Now comes the hard part.  Catch up.  Laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, mopping.  Clean the cupboard of all the Trix, candy, cookies and miscellaneous garbage that was fed to my kids whilst I was absent.  Plenty of rotting fruit and vegetables in the fridge too.

You know what else is fun?  Hugs.  Hugs from your kids, wild with excitement you're home.  

Not fun?  Hearing how your little boy would get in bed and cry, saying he missed mommy so much it hurt.  

Fun?  Jabber jawing with the bestie, laying in the sun, getting take out, saying NO! to dishes, actually finishing a sentence.  

Not fun?  Standing in a crowded plane aisle, with 300 lbs of shells on my arm, while a dumb ass woman wearing a fur coat gets out of her seat and expects me to somehow make room for her to walk the wrong way up the aisle.  

Fun?  Having the women sitting in the seat on the other side, hear my under my breath not nice remark and high five me.  

Also fun?  Looking at some of my pictures.  

Birds at low tide, on a very foggy morning.

Pelican and gull in the fog. 

I'm obviously a little obsessed with Pelicans.

Just what it looks like.  Smelly tide pool full of shelling finds.  Big ewwww.

Yep, he's mine!  Perfect and uninhabited. 

Sun?  Moon?  Does it matter.


  1. Thanks for the "fix" and the hugs are the best the sad little boy makes me cry!

  2. Oh, that was you with the shells?

    Gorgeous pictures!

  3. Catch up, and then relax again. And keep the pictures nearby so you don't forget that you were relaxing once, not too long ago :)