Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Day New Dawn

It's here.  The time of the year I get five days and four dawns with my BFF, on my favorite place on Earth.  We meet once a year, leaving behind messy floors, dirty laundry on the floor, cars filled with goldfish crackers and husbands who can't remember how to hang up their coats.  

My bestie is such a good friend, she WANTS to meet me on my favorite island, even though I tell her I'll get on a plane to where ever she wants to go.  This is the friend that sends me a copy of her credit card, in case I need it to get the discount on a rental car she had a code for.  

This friend, loves me for who I am, knowing full well the good and bad traits that make me, me.  In fact, she claims to like the weird, quirky traits of mine the best, as different is interesting. 

As I think about her, I realize that all the people I've chosen as friends in my life, are held to the standards I see in her. True to themselves, loyal, honest even if it hurts, quirky and able to laugh freely.  I thank God for all my dear friends.  

Whoa.  Got a little deep there.  

Sometimes that happens when you haven't had a shower in two days and the smell of your dirty hair messes with your brain.

So where are we going?  

Sanibel Island of course!  

The dawn should look something like this:

 and this

 I'll be out before dawn, to see this

I hope shells cover the sand like this

And to find shells like this

Birds on the beach look like this

Snowy Egret

Brown Pelican giving me stink eye

Royal Tern

To recognize me on the beach, just look for the chick with skinny jeans tucked into her thermal dive boots, wearing a double power LED Black Diamond head lamp, and a waist packing containing my camera, iphone, luna bar, and extra bags to carry all my hope to find, finds.  

Quirky isn't so bad, is it girls?  Unless, of course, it involves a third day without a shower.  

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