Thursday, January 6, 2011


Can it be called thrifting if you spend $209.45?  
I dunno....
Perhaps not.

Depends on what was bought.  
And for what it is intended.

My hypothesis is, that the more ugly and irrelevant
your find is, the more creative and crafty you have to be.
Which does not work in my favor.
I'm hypothesizing against myself.

We set off 'thrifting' yesterday, with the intention to find
objects with which to make shell art.  
We found the mother load.
Books - 99¢ for five
VHS tapes, 2/75¢
Shells 49¢ each
( if only I could sell each of my shells for .49... )

I took pictures of a small selection,

Your call 

Find! or Fugly!

egg shell blue dishes

$2.99 and $3.99

candle sconces

$1.99 and $2.99.  My vote is fugly....
unless you have one, than it's a find!

candle holders

Find or Fugly?  To close to call...


2/75 cents.  FIND!

frames and wreath

$1.99 - 3.99.   

Cat clothes holder

$2.25.  My 8 year old votes FIND!!!

Cool Green Vase

$1.99.  Oops, I mean $2.99

Vintage Box


Savin' the best for last.....

Cool Ass Pie Safe!!!!



This will be used to organize my entry way, 
for the three millionth time.
Storage for little shoes, mittens, gloves, papers,
gum wrappers, legos, broken toy parts, leaves 
and other assorted crap that I'm the only one
who bends over to throw away that ends up
piled on the floor.  

Now I'm on the trail of a vintage knob 
( hee hee, I said knob )
and fastener hardware thingymabob.
Big plans are in store for the other things,
stay tuned, there may be spray painting fun!

All Suggestions Accepted Cheerfully!


  1. You hit pay dirt! I call them all FINDS! Especially the dishes. You know I love my dishes!

  2. Rotten, I so thought of you when I saw those dishes!

  3. I am most impressed and I want the pie safe, vase, know where to send them;-)

  4. Wait a minute, you don't want the Barney tapes? hee hee...