Saturday, January 15, 2011

The List.

Four items.
That was it.
I only went into
Target for four

I actually sat in the parking lot,
debating between Kroger and Target.
I decided shopping at Target would save me
a trip over the weekend.

Wrong twenty nine times.

It started off with plans well laid, tapping a list
into my iphone, checking my purse for cash  
to cover the cost of the four items.
Even with my being wrong twenty nine times,
I still forgot to buy something.
Toilet Paper.

Why am I bringing this up?
Because the reason I haven't really gotten going on 
this blog, is because I am so freakin' disorganized.
But mostly because I keep shopping.  
Shopping for things I need, to whip out all those
awesome ideas I have rolling around in my head.

Time to stop shoppin' and start movin'.
But before I do....
wanna see what I bought?

Clorox wipes
Okedoke Chicago style popcorn
soy sauce
Celestial tea
two loaves bread
hot dog buns
Vitamin water lip gloss.
Burts bees soap
Loreal something, I forget
suave kids body wash, dye free
Aveeno body wash
crest travel size
mini cliff bars
mini Luna bars
full size cliff bars
66 qt clear box
2 under bed boxes
wet ones
three swim suit bottoms
one swim suit top

Honestly, WTF?

I gotta tell you though, the vitamin water lip gloss is
da bomb.  Yep.  Better than the 14 other lipsticks, chapsticks and
assorted glosses already in my purse.
However, not as tasty as the Bonnie Bell Dr Pepper Lip Smackers
I have in every pocket of every coat I own.
And the Celestial Tea?
I have a tea addiction.
But it's not my fault.
It's because I married an Englishman. So there.
If I was married to say, an American, I would
not have 11 boxes of tea in my cupboard.
Clearly, this is his problem, not mine.

The bathing suits?
I got suckered into the display.
Was thinking I might look like the girl in the ad
if I wore those swimsuits.
Forgetting she was 16, while I am *cough*
forty something, carried two babies and am bloated.
They're already in my return bag.

One thing to note, however.
When you try on those those swimsuits,
those suits without quite enough coverage
for woman type parts?
Make sure the blinds for the
stairway landing window are down.

Just sayin'


  1. I bet I know why you bought Crest Travel size. I have 8 boxes of tea in my pantry, and I'm married to a Greek.

  2. LOL is it possible to get out of Target for less than $100???

  3. Every SINGLE time I walk into Target, I spend $100. My husband cringes when I say "I need to go to Target today." and with a baby it's worse because the little outfits just hurl themselves into the basket... it's really not my fault!