Thursday, December 16, 2010


Madness? Huh?  

Let me explain my madness.  'Madness' is defined as fury, lunacy, or rabies.  Madness can also be decribed as folly or unrestrained excitement and enthusiasm.  I'm centering on the later meaning, as last I knew, I haven't contacted rabies or been declared insane.  Yet.

unrestrained excitement

Remember 'Mad about You' ? Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt were 'mad' for each other, unbridled excitement to be married. Wait. Didn't they end up divorced? Scratch that example. 
Think, think, think, think... here's one - I'm mad about chocolate. I'm mad for my size 6 shorts ( when they fit, which was 1983). I'm mad for shells, so mad I have a strong ass head lamp and thermal booties, so I can comb thru tide pools in freezing temperatures. I'm mad for Sanibel Island, Florida, 'cuz it's the third ranked shelling place in all of the world.

live horse conch.  So mad about the orange.
I'm mad for Northern Michigan, as the vast majority of my childhood memories were created here.  'Up North' also offers Petosky stones, which are almost as good as shells. 

I'm mad about Art and Crafts.  The sad truth is however, I have absolutely ZERO talent in this department.  While I am joyously surrounded by artsy folk, no matter how hard I've tried, my little projects have never compared or been in their league.  So guess the heck what?????

What.  What i've decided to do is complete my projects without fear.  So What if they're not perfect.  What is perfect, is that i'm perfectly happy to love trying.  Jolly I will be, with my new folly.  

Now tell me, What are YOU mad about?????

other folk, similarly mad about shells 

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