Tuesday, December 21, 2010

That day.

The one that separates the nancy from
the man.
determines the under dog.
who wears the pants in the family.

Not spoken of all year.
but it's there.
like a taupe colored elephant,
invisible to all.
all but two.

The words bring a hushed silence.
furtive glances, lips pursed.
 breaths are taken and eyes
squint at the memory of the last
'that day'.

Many days pass throughout the year.
days that bring beautiful gifts and bounty.
 none are equal to this day.
the day were we beg, borrow and steal.
share is met with a burning glare.

Everything learned in kindergarten is forgotten
on 'that day'.

Today was that day.
surprised me.
caught me off guard,
somewhere between a screech and a six string.
it was in a Christmas bag, on the kitchen counter.
wrapped in wax paper.

It was alone.
more importantly, I was alone with it.
a daring move.

Hands shaking, I unwrap the wax paper.
a little nibble, an edge.
might as well even that off.
maybe just break it in half.
if I lick the paper, it won't look like I
ate so much.

My eyes catch sight of the bag.

The bag my husband brought home from work.

The bag containing the Christmas gifts.

The gifts given to him by his employees.


Is that?

Are there?

Could it be?



There. are. two.

Glory Alleluia!

What is THAT DAY?

Today is the day it doesn't matter how big my butt gets.

As long as I get ALL of the .....



  1. I know you aren't joking when you say you licked the paper!

  2. I SO licked the paper!!! Best part. xo

  3. I never even knew such a thing existed...off to google I go!!!