Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Since you've been gone..

Every time I think about my blog
I hear Rainbow
in my head.  

I haven't posted in so long, 
I realized I was afraid of it.

I should probably be more
afraid of the HUGE crush I
used to have on this guy

Joe Lynn Turner

Joe Lynn Turner is an accomplished
lyricist, singer and musician. 
He once was the lead singer 
of Rainbow.
I used to kiss him 
good morning
on MTV
'cuz Rainbow was 
when I was a girl.

 I forgot about him until
a few minutes ago.

That hair!
Those eyes!
Scooby Dooby Doo!

There is no point to my drivel.
I was gone.
I am back.
I might change the name 
of this here blog.

Since I was gone, I spent 
two weeks on Sanibel Island.
Went to some kick booty 
estate sales.
Painted my dining room blue.
Was asked to consider coming 
back to my old job,
but in a new position.
Put all my kids toys 
in the basement.

What I haven't done is
grocery shopping
cleaning of car innards

Yet more pics of Sanibel:

gotta have my pelican fix!

hubs is in the blue shirt

My Babes.... awwww....

Peaceful morning

Killer horse conch found by one of my favorite peeps
Of course, the girl who looks like this at 6:30 am
finds the winning shell!
Yes, Girl, it IS a competition!

Deserted island
Where's Joe Lynn Turner when you need him?

3 alphabet cones, moon snails and rare colored fighting conch!

Thanks for reading.
Catch ya soon.


  1. I am starting to jones from some beach time as well with my favorites on the ipod and a kindle full of easy reads.

  2. Conch a licious!
    Love the pictures, especially of the little peeps. What are you afraid of? Fear not! I am here for you. Like that's going to help.

  3. I check daily and missed you...keep writing!

  4. Breann - if anyone deserves beach time, it's you!
    RM - what would I do without you?
    True - thanks my dear, xoxo