Thursday, February 10, 2011


My grand total on Thursday fun day.  What is Thursday fun day?  Estate sale and junkin' day!  With one of my best girls. What beats that.

Before I display my goods, here's an update on what happened with a few of my prior purchases.

Remember the $2.99 green vase?  And the $12.99 candle holders?

It's not really as empty around the painting as it looks, it's just the camera angle.  We have old cove ceilings, and glass block windows on either side of the fireplace.  Gotta love these old ancient houses.

Remember the pie safe?

Still needs a little lovin'... namely a new latch.  Found those old frames at estate sales for a dolla each.  Part of my pottery collection on top.

Here's an old wood box I bought for $12 at yet another estate sale:

My little surfer boy wanted it as a toy box...soooo... I took the hardware off, cut off those ugly rope
handles and taaaa daaaa!!!

Old decorative shelves I found, which are being used as bookends...  Which btw, if anyone is interested in Easter Island and archaeology - find this old book, Aku - Aku.  Mine is a first edition, copyright 1958, by Thor Heyerdahl.  Hands down the most fascinating book I've ever read.  The book was my beloved Grandfathers and is one of my most prized possessions.

Old frame from the local flea market.  I was going to fix it up, but I'm grooving to it leaning against the wall right now.

Today's finds....  Three little baby wreaths... aw, aren't they cute?  
50 cents each at the Salvation Army.  Frame, one buck.

Love love love this.  Now all that's needed is a bigger jar for my peanut butter M&M's.  $4.99.

Been coveting one of those lantern candles in Pottery Barn. But since I pretty much hate Pottery Barn, can't bring myself to hand over my money to them.  
Well, why would I need to when I can get this at the thrift shop for $4.99?

Last but not least... an old lead glass window from the flea market.  Funny story behind it.  We were looking at her stack of windows, all marked $55.  This one had a sticker for $12.  I asked the lady if she would take $10 for it, she told me it was $55.  I pointed out the $12 sticker, for which I received a nice old glare, but she took my ten bucks anyway.  After I got it home, guess what I found?  Yup, a sticker for $55 on the back.  Yikes.  

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  1. That window is the deal of the century for $10 bucks!

    Love what you did to the toy box. The color is really nice, bet your boy loves it!

    Where did you get the painting on your mantle? Did you buy that in Sanibel?

    And I am going to look for a copy of Aku-Aku. How sweet is it that you have your Grandfather's copy!